Changing a culture based on multi-generational traditions starts with imagination and new language.

October 2018-present: This project I am leading with Charles Sturt University’s Wagga campus, receiving contributions from community Elders and Youngers at the Community Dinner held in November 2018. Conviviality was a key ingredient as was creating the space for fearless, frank and honest conversations.

A focus was on defining Duty of Care - for individuals, clubs, staff, administration, leaders, students, academics - at the University, and in the wider community. During the evening, guests were invited to contribute words relevant for them for four themes - power, respect, peace, and masculinity and femininity. This vocabulary provides the basis for a new imagining, the basis for a new culture.

What are acceptable community standards of behaviour and is it possible to apply them across all sectors of our town and institutions? If not, why not? The conversations continue into another academic year.

Thanks so much for your report, on what was a wonderful community engagement event; the first of many I trust. You did a truly great job of facilitation and getting us all to open up, engage and interact.
— Professor John Germov, Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor - Academic, CSU
Thank you for involving me at the Community Dinner. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, relevant and provocative event; so, so important. I hope to have the privilege of participating again. And, might I say, you did an absolutely superb job running the show. Honestly, bravo. You should be really pleased and proud of yourself.
— Rhys Bower, Principal, Bower Wood Solicitors, Wagga