How do you vibrate?

The Law of Vibration starts with thought. Image from

Everything on this beautiful planet has vibrational energy, especially rocks, gems, trees and all plants, animals, insects, soils and yes……even humans.

Quantum physics and particle physics keep confirming what ancients have known since time began, albeit with different names but, the essence hasn’t changed…..our world is frequency, vibrations and energies. At this point, if people are rolling their eyes, I ask them to think about this:

The mind is like a parachute:

works best when open.

What a perfect opportunity to introduce the topic of ‘science’……..once upon a time based on observations and lived experiences with recognition of wisdom and analysis over time. Remember the Inquisition…………. a dedicated cleansing of women’s knowledge accumulated over centuries and shared between selected souls then passed down through the generations.

Here was immersed knowledge, wisdom from the depths of knowing, communing with rich, textured, layered, ancient Nature with abundance of species we can’t even imagine in 2019. These are the times when permission was sought from Mother Earth to harvest, collect and plant, to meld with the natural rhythms of life (and death) known by even the youngest children.

The abundance of plant species were homes for divas, faeries, elves and gnomes, the spirits who dwelt in these realms and with whom the people communicated - through the languages of telepathy, touch and thought to ensure harmony and balance for all who shared these verdant spaces. To be in contact with the divas, faeries, elves and gnomes, a human had to raise the level of their vibration, most usually achieved by expressing genuine gratitude. The rule is still the same in 2019.

Tree Diva. Image from crystal harmonics

As I write, the Super Blood Wolf Moon is about to appear over the eastern horizon - a moon with great significance as it also is a total lunar eclipse (which was only visible in the northern hemisphere).

The January super moon is particularly significant as it is known as a 'wolf' moon by Native American tribes and early colonists, with wolves howling over the scarcity of food during wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere.

"The wolf is generally a good omen for learning, studying and self-expression," Rose Smith, a spritiual advisor said. "It's a really good sign if you’re considering up-skilling to further your career prospects or if you are looking at ways to improve your self-development. Rose says the astrological impact of an eclipse has four main impacts on all our lives, namely -

1. Change: Eclipses represent the end of something, and the beginning of something else.

2. Awareness: It's about having a hidden situation come to light Illumination is a key point;

3. Energy: It will bring out the 'wild woman' and the feminine side will come to the fore;

4. Spirituality: Wolves are symbolic of teachers communicating their wisdom for the good of all.

Take time each evening this week to stand outside in the cooler air and breathe in the energy that dusk and twilight bring; it is refreshing and oxygenated, ideal to revive a tired body and mind after another hot day. If you have space and no light pollution, lie on the grass and feel the energy and vibrations coming through the Earth through your back and the light energy coming from the Wolf Moon on your front - you are the filling in between these enormous and powerful forces.

Lie in silence and peace and absorb a double-dose of vibrations from these celestial beings and be ready for a transition into another exciting phase of vibrations.